Issue 107

I expected things to be quieter this week, it being mid-summer, however I have a nice set of links for this week. I'm enjoying my time between conference travel, starting to do some work on CSS Multi-column layout, and also getting ready to publicise my new book - details below.

I also spent last weekend running up and down a hill at 5.30AM in the morning in order to take photographs of hot air balloons. Bristol is home to an International Balloon Fiesta, if you have seen one of my talks you'll know my examples are very often hot air balloon themed. This is where the photos come from.

This issue is sponsored by An Event Apart. You can see me and a whole host of other excellent people speak at An Event Apart in Chicago, San Francisco and Denver this year. Check out the sponsored post at the bottom of the email for a discount code.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News