Issue 145

I'm writing this intro sat waiting for the Google I/O keynote to start. I flew out here yesterday, and it has been a somewhat hectic few days with the launch of our latest product Notist. If you are a public speaker it might interest you, and there is also a fair bit of Grid used around the site. Not for anything fancy, there is no amazing new layout that would have been unheard of without Grid. What it enabled was me to get the CSS done and onto other, more important to the business things. In fact I barely remember writing a lot of it! Jeremy writes about a similar feeling in his post Good Griddance.

I'm very excited to see what people can come up with using Grid and other new layout. However I'm also very happy when established patterns that work well, can be achieved far more quickly, so I can get on with everything else I need to do to launch a product!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News