Issue 172


I'm at Chrome Dev Summit this week, helping to staff the MDN booth. It has been great fun as everyone comes to chat to us about how much they love MDN. We're promoting the browser compat data that we have on the bottom of each property page, such as this one for row-gap. That data is stored in a GitHub repo which anyone can help contribute to. So if you spot some data you can improve please do submit a PR!

I was the technical editor for CSS Master, by Tiffancy Brown and SitePoint have offered me three copies of the book as a giveaway to readers of this newsletter. I will pick at random three email addresses from the people who reply and answer this question.

If you could add any feature to CSS (other than all browsers magically supporting everything immediately) what would it be?

Finally, as I didn't have a sponsor this week I am promoting one of my own products. For those of you who only know me as a CSS person, I also run a company with a couple of products. Our CMS software Perch and Perch Runway, and our new product for public speakers Notist. Perch will be 10 years old next year and is a CMS for people who really care about structured content, speed, and a great experience for content editors. We're running a sale through this Friday, with 20% off licenses with the link If you need a CMS, take a look - or share with your CMS-needing friends and help out your local friendly independent software developers!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News