Issue 178

I was wondering whether to schedule up a CSS Layout News, given that issue 178 falls on a day many people will be celebrating Christmas. However, I thought that perhaps those who celebrate might return to their inboxes in a day or so, find this email and enjoy reading the articles in a moment of downtime.

I know that among my readers are those of you who are not celebrating Christmas, it not being your festival, and are probably somewhat tired of half of the web exhorting you to log off.

I also know - because I've been there myself - that there will be some of you who are expected to be celebrating Christmas, but are alone, or find this season of enforced happiness hard for one reason or another.

So, I decided to queue it up, and I hope that you are spending this Tuesday in the best way for you right now. This is the last email of 2018, and so along with wishing those of you who are celebrating today a Happy Christmas, I'd like to thank you all for reading this year. I will be back on Jan 1, 2019!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News