Issue 185

At the end of last week I was in Amsterdam for the first of a series of meetups and workshops I'll be doing for Fronteers as part of my role as their representative at the W3C. For the workshop part I led a spec reading workshop on the Multicol spec, the spec I'm co-editor of. It was incredibly useful, I've already made some fixes to small issues that were spotted and will be raising issues over on GitHub for things that need wider discussion by the working group, or at least between me and my co-editor. There is a report here of this first visit.

This was my first trip of 2019, and I am now looking forward to the things lined up over the next few months. As with every year, I claimed at the end of last year I was not going to create ridiculous schedules for myself. Here we are in February with me working out what time I expect to have finished a triathlon to make sure I have time to make a flight to get to an event afterwards.

This week the email is sponsored by An Event Apart, my next conference speaking engagement is at An Event Apart Seattle. Thanks to them for their continued support of this newsletter.

There is a reasonable amount of design-related stuff this week, rather than just the purely technical. I hope that some or all of it is useful!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News