Issue 189

I got back to the UK after my travels last night, and am writing this introduction in a Heathrow airport hotel - the glamour! That said, I like this hotel because my window looks out over Heathrow, the runway separated from me by the perimeter road. Just at the point where airplanes touch down. I am writing and watching the early morning arrivals.

One of the things I was doing on my travels was running a workshop in Cleveland, Ohio. It was such fun, and I have several upcoming workshops which still have tickets available. I am also keen to book in workshops for later this year.

This issue is sponsored by An Event Apart. I'm speaking at every conference this year, next up is Boston. I got to see many of the regular speakers do their new talks while in Seattle and you really are in for a treat if you book to come along to any event this year.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News