Issue 19

I'm back from the excellent dotCSS Conference in Paris. The talks were all recorded so I'll share them with you once they show up online as it really was a brilliant event.

I spoke about Flexbox, Grid Layout and Box Alignment - at high speed as we only had 18 minutes each for our talks. The short talk format worked well however, each speaker compressed the real core of their subject but gave ways to follow up and learn more. Despite the conference only being one afternoon it felt like I had learned a huge amount in a short time!

I am getting an increasing number of requests from people asking me to promote their grid layout framework here. Unless I've actually used and could recommend something I won't simply link to a GitHub repo or site. That said, I would love to see decent write-ups comparing these things - even if from the framework author. Give me a way to see why readers should invest their time in this, why it solves problems other things don't, and I'll be far more likely to link it up!

Get in touch with me on Twitter, or just reply to the email if you have something to share.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News