Issue 195

I am back in the UK after a fun few days in San Francisco with the Smashing Conf team. I was running a CSS Layout workshop there. I have some availability later in the year for running workshops, if you would like me to come and do so in your company or at an event. In this post I detail some of my upcoming workshops and give some details of the type of thing I can do.

I'm also getting close to the point where adding too many more speaking engagements might be silly, but I am also very keen to talk more about CSS Grid and subgrid, about how web developers and designers can get involved with the web platform, and also to present on new ways to think about and learn CSS. The latter subject I think is incredibly useful to folk who perhaps see CSS as their least favourite part of the job. There are a few things you can learn that really do make it all make a lot more sense, and I'm writing a new talk along those lines, get in touch if that sounds interesting for your conference!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News