Issue 203

This issue comes from a lovely peaceful co-working space in Troy, NY. I'm working out of here for a few days before heading to Smashing Conf in Toronto. Will I see you there? I'm running my CSS Layout Workshop on Monday 24th June, as I write this there are a couple of spots still available. So if you would really enjoy spending a day learning CSS layout, finding out about new things in CSS, and understanding better how to cope with older browsers, join me!

Some good stuff this week. I feel as if we are starting to see new thinking emerge which uses these new layout methods. That's really exciting to me. For a long time when I've looked for things to add to this newsletter I'm finding yet another tutorial about grid basics. That is not to say that people shouldn't write about things already written about - as sometimes it will be a different take on the same issue that clicks with someone struggling. However, I've been longing for more tutorials and articles that really show us what we can do with it. Jen Simmons has been someone who has been a leader in doing that over the last couple of years, but I think there is so much scope for unpacking the possibilities.

Till next week - unless I see you in Toronto at Smashing Conf!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News