Issue 210

Back in the UK and while summer does mean a slowdown in travel - the last thing I want to do is go away on holiday - it hasn't meant a let up in the things I'm working on. At least I can work on them at my own desk! Over the last couple of days I've been looking back over the history of responsive design, remembering how media queries were not supported below IE9, and the early attempts to detect and adapt to screen sizes. We have come a long way!

Once conference season kicks off again I do have a couple of CSS Layout workshops with tickets. In Europe you can come to my workshop at the Fronteers Conference in Amsterdam. In the USA there are still a few workshop tickets for the sold-out Smashing Conference in New York. I'd love to see you at one of those.

While working on a piece about writing modes for Smashing Magazine, I thought a lot about alignment in CSS. So my in depth section this week is a collection of things about alignment. I hope they are useful!

Thank you to a new sponsor this week - Every Layout. See the end of the email for a special offer.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


In depth