Issue 214

Happy September, and happy Firefox 69 release day!

Looking at Twitter it seems that conference season is in full swing, I'm headed to Freiburg soon to spend time with the Smashing Magazine and SmashingConf team at Smashing Freiburg. After that I'll be headed to TPAC, this year in Japan, for CSS Working Group and other W3C meetings.

In October I have a couple of workshops still with tickets. Join me in the USA in New York at SmashingConf, or in Europe in Amsterdam for Fronteers. We always have a really fun day digging into CSS layout. I'm currently booking workshops into next year, so let me know if you'd like me to come run one in-house at your company (which can be as tailored as you like to the things you need to know about) or at a conference or other event.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News