Issue 216

A bit of a shorter issue this week as I'm at W3C TPAC in Japan so am occupied with thinking and talking about the web platform rather than reading about it, so I have fewer resources to share.

I've just come from a CSS Working Group meeting where CSS Writing Modes Level 3 moved to Proposed Recommendation Status (PR), this is the status before a spec becomes a W3C Recommendation - you can read about spec levels here. Congratulations to editors fantasai and Koji Ishii, as well as everyone else who has worked to get the spec to this point.

A small success for me was to get agreement to publish a new Working Draft of the Multicol spec. I've made a whole lot of edits to that spec over the past year, so it is definitely time to republish the spec, and hopefully get some feedback on the changes.

I head directly from here to Finch Front-End in Edinburgh, which has a fantastic line-up (and a jetlagged me with a new talk). There are still tickets available, go get one!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News