Issue 219

I'm briefly back in the UK after Fronteers and View Source. I can't wait to share the videos from these two events with you, I've had so many great discussions about the web and CSS over the last week, it really was just like TPAC had continued, spilling out of Japan and into Europe!

What has been exciting is the number of people who are asking questions and wanting to understand more about the standards process, and how CSS or other web technologies get made. It is no secret that I'm keen for everyone to understand, support and even contribute to the platform. It makes me happy when people engage with the subject and want to understand their medium in a deeper way than simply using it to get a job done.

More on that in the coming weeks, but for now enjoy this collection of interesting layout things. Thank you to An Event Apart for sponsoring. I'll be heading to AEA Denver at the end of this month, and then AEA San Francisco in December with a brand new talk! I'd best get working on it.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News