Issue 235

I'm back from the CSS Working Group meeting and working on a talk entitled The Evolution of Responsive Design, which I'll be giving for the first time at Frontend North. There are a couple of posts included today which touch on that subject.

Can you help? I am trying to collect good examples of cases where you need the visual view to be different to the order of items in the source. You can read this article as some background to the issue I'm talking about. With grid and flex (and to a lesser extent other layout methods) you can cause the visual display to be different to the source order. This causes a problem because anyone tabbing around the document for example, then moved round the document in a way that doesn't make sense - the browser is following the source not the layout.

It is often argued that the source order is the correct priority of items, and that - for example - the order of items in your mobile view should be the same as that in your desktop view. The priorities should be the same, therefore the order should be the same. Do you have strong examples to counter that? Bonus points if they are in a live project rather than just something you consider you might like to do. Email me!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News