Issue 251

While I am missing all the events I thought I would be doing this year, I'm enjoying their online replacements. It is hard to replace the feel of an in person event, especially moments of chance interaction, however there are benefits to meeting virtually. One of those being the number of people I have talked to who can't ever get to a conference due to time, location, family commitments or budget. For those people I hope that we carry on doing some online things.Where the pandemic has meant we have had to cancel and postpone so much, I think we have also gained in our understanding of how to do these things online and welcome more folk in.

Today I spoke at Smashing Meets, an online meetup we ran over at Smashing, I presented my talk on Subgrid, and also answered a bunch of questions in the chat session. And then, I'm really excited that An Event Apart are running an online event, and that I get to do my talk about the CSS display property there. An Event Apart are the sponsor of the newsletter this week, so check out the link in the footer for a discount. For the last few years I've written a talk especially for An Event Apart, that I don't do anywhere else, and I'm really looking forward to the chance to present it to online Apartniks.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News