Issue 292

Welcome to another issue of CSS "is it really Tuesday again?" Layout News. There is quite a lot of actual news this week, with some interesting stuff coming to browsers and DevTools.

I also have a whole bunch of online conference news. Upcoming in the next few weeks I have three events that I'm excited about, and different talks for all of them because I need more things to do.

  • Axe-con, where I will be talking about content re-ordering and Grid.
  • An Event Apart, with a brand new talk about how CSS works today.
  • hover, where I will be talking about the display property.

If you have an upcoming online event or meetup and would like me to speak or to run a workshop, let me know. With an optimistic eye to the future I'm happy to pencil in hopeful in-person/hybrid dates too. I can imagine that within the UK is going to initially be more possible than elsewhere for me, but we shall keep all things crossed that the vaccines work and some sort of normal life can resume.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News