Issue 30

Here we are with issue 30 of this email, I'm glad people are still writing things about layout each week! I'd love to feature more experiments and code examples. The sort of thing people publish on CodePen. Let me know if you spot or create something you think might be helpful to readers. I'm trying to balance the interesting "cutting edge" things that are happening with practical things you can use in projects today. I think we have a decent mix of that this week.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Where in the world is Rachel?

I'm now on the road. Currently in Montreal for ConFoo - tonight I'm speaking at the Montreal Girl Geeks meetup. This weekend I'll be in NYC for a Grid Layout Workshop, then I head to Fluent. If you are in San Francisco and can't get to Fluent proper but would like to join the "hallway track" I have a code for free registration. Use code EH16SP here. Of course I would love to see you in my 2 day CSS Training at Fluent - I believe there are still some seats for that.

After Fluent I head to Nashville for An Event Apart, and am very excited about the live onstage recording of The Web Ahead podcast that I'll be taking part in with Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer and host Jen Simmons. Should be fun!