Issue 33

I am about to get on a plane and head home after almost a month here in the USA. I finished up with An Event Apart in Nashville. You can find the updated version of my Grid Layout slides here. I've had a great trip, met and talked to so many fantastic people, but I will be glad to be back at home for a little while! There is so much I want to get done that is hard work when in hotels and airplanes.

Jen Simmons was also speaking at An Event Apart, and has inspired me to try and think more creatively around layout. I'm not a designer, I'm good at implementing things using these tools, not so great at thinking up new and interesting ways to do so. I'm encouraged though to try and find ideas from other media, rather than just reimplement the standard layouts we have. Watch this space (and I'm always up for a challenge if you have ideas).

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News