Issue 47

A request! I'm looking for examples of layout that we can't do using CSS alone. So that might be a place where you have to use some JavaScript to get a flex layout to do the exact thing you need, or just something that is completely unsolved right now. A good example might be the use case solved by CSS Exclusions, being able to wrap text around all sides of an image.

I'm more interested in completely impossible things rather than bugs in browser implementations for existing things - however if you send me something impossible and I figure there is a way to do it, I'll write it up. If you have a CodePen/js Bin or similar that demonstrates the issue that's ideal - but I'll happily accept a drawing!

On with the links, a whole bunch of stuff this week and a new sponsor - thanks to Environments for Humans for sponsoring this week with the CSS Summit.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News