Issue 83

The last day of February, which means that tomorrow is March and in March CSS Grid Layout will ship in Firefox, Chrome and possibly also Safari. Hooray! I've some posts this week that will help you get started learning grid if you haven't already.

Please don't listen to the myth that is being put around about how hard grid is to learn. It's a big specification for sure, however broken down it is very straightforward. If you have learned how to use a Grid framework, or battled with float-based grids then you absolutely have the ability to master this specification. I'll be continuing to create resources, and answering questions to help.

Most of my speaking this year will be around using grid in a production context. We'll be exploring how to use grid and other new layout, while supporting older browsers. I've had a little break from conferences and I'm looking forward to getting back to chatting with people about all of this.

I'm part of an online conference next week - Laracon online. The rest of the event is more for the PHP-ers, as it is a Laravel event, but I'm going to be talking about Grid and Flexbox. It's also only $20 a ticket - with 25% off if you use offer code SPEAKER.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News