Issue 89

A jetlag issue having flown back from Seattle to the UK yesterday. I'm also working on my company end of year accounts. Jetlag and tax, not a combination I would recommend!

I had a fantastic time over the last couple of weeks, going from Render in Oxford to Seattle for An Event Apart then to San Francisco for Smashing Conf. I was running a CSS Grid Workshop for Smashing and in the last session of the day got attendees to build some layouts with grid. It was fascinating to see how quickly people grasped the concepts and also how the different groups picked different ways of using Grid.

Next week I'll be sending this email from Tokyo where I will be for the CSS Working Group meeting. One of the things we hope to talk about is the subgrid feature of grid. I would love to have more use cases to share, so if you have any thoughts read this post and let me know.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News