Issue 99

I am writing this introduction in a coffee shop in San Jose. Three planes in three days have brought me here from CSSDay in Amsterdam. CSSDay was excellent, I can't wait to share the videos with you when they are released as there was so much that was interesting there. If you want to see what I spoke about the slides are here and also a bunch of code examples.

As this email goes out I'll be setting up to present a half-day tutorial at Fluent. If you are at Fluent, in addition to my tutorial and talk I am doing a meet the experts session on Wednesday. Come and say hello and ask me stuff, so I don't look like a lonely person who no-one wants to talk to!

If you are not at Fluent but want to ask me stuff about Grid in particular then I have an AMA here if your questions can be asked with a reduced test case. If your company however would be interested in training, or consultancy around layout issues then drop me a line.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News