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Issue 10

Grid layout starts to appear in Firefox.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read


Issue 10

I"m writing this email from Future of Web Apps in London where yesterday I presented my full day CSS Layout workshop. I'll be running the workshop again next week in Warsaw for Falsy Values.

Please let me know if you see or write something that would be a good inclusion in this newsletter, so I can share it!

CSS Layout News

CSS Grid Layout appearing in Firefox Nightly Builds

CSS Grid Layout is currently being implemented in Firefox, and if you install the latest Nightly build you can see the work in action. You will need to visit about:config in the browser and enable the flag layout.css.grid.enabled, but you can then take a look at the examples on Grid by Example and see that many of the initial simple examples are working.

Great to see Grid appearing in more browsers!


Enhancing Responsiveness With Flexbox - YouTube

Zoe M. Gillenwater's talk at CSS Conf EU explains how to use Flexbox to enhance your responsive designs even if you still need to have good support for non-flexbox supporting browsers.

CSS stacking contexts: What they are and how they work

A useful post about stacking contexts in CSS


CSS Line Grid Module Level 1

An interesting specification that you might not have seen is the CSS Line Grid Module, defining features for aligning content to a baseline grid.

dl in two columns

A grid example demonstrating laying out a dl in two columns using Grid Layout auto placement with some simple rules.

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