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Rachel Andrew

Issue 307

Fixing up all the table things, equal columns with flexbox, avoiding layout shift when loading web fonts.

Issue 306

Safari News from WWDC, improving Core Web Vitals, creating a hexagon grid, and other news and resources.

Issue 305

Browser updates from Firefox and Safari TP, and the summer has finally come to the UK.

Issue 304

CSS Layout News is live on a new platform. Excuse any mess!

Issue 303

A new way to learn CSS, unpacking feature queries, DevTools, browser flags, and CLS.

Issue 302

Container Queries, vendor prefixes, variable aspect ratios with conic gradients

Issue 301

Gaps in flex for Safari, new Chrome DevTools, and I'm feeling quite old.

Issue 300

We made it to issue 300. This week: custom properties, CLS, breakpoints.

Issue 299

Safari Grid Inspector, Firefox 88, understanding CSS.

Issue 298

More on Container Queries, clipping and masking, accessible components