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Issue 336

Subgrid, focus-visible, everything flexbox, and CSS fingerprinting.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read

Some genuine layout news to cover this week with an intent to prototype for the subgrid value of grid-template-rows and grid-template-columns. While there has been an implementation of the value in Firefox for some time, we've all been waiting for it to land in Chromium-based browsers.

If you haven't looked at subgrid yet, here's my talk from CSSConf EU in 2019, back when we could all meet in big rooms and chat about CSS.

Rachel Andrew


Intent to Prototype: CSS Subgrid

While it has been known for a while that subgrid was on the roadmap, it's great to see this intent pop up.

Safari Technology Preview 138

Lots of interesting additions in this release of Safari Technology Preview including focus-visible, implemented by Igalia and crowd-funded via the Oen Prioritization project.


What's new since CSS3

Chris takes a look at all the new things that have come to CSS in the past few years.

Div divisiveness

A very in-depth look at the <div> element.

How flexbox works

A detailed dig into everything flexbox, explaining how flexbox distributes space, and much more.


The breakpoints we tested in 2021 and the ones to test in 2022

A look at the most used breakpoints in 2021, and a look ahead to 2022, giving an idea of the breakpoints to use in testing your responsive designs.

CSS fingerprinting

This site explains how CSS can be used to identify and track a user.