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Issue 335

Color Gradient Vector Fonts, Cascade Layers, gradients, and a responsive design course.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read

Hello! I took a week off as it seemed like folks took time off over the holidays and I didn't find enough stuff to bother your inboxes with. So here is issue 335 with some news, and other interesting layout things.

I hope that your 2022 is starting well,

Rachel Andrew


Firefox 96

Firefox 96 includes support for color-scheme, and also the hwb() color functional notation.

COLRv1 Color Gradient Vector Fonts in Chrome 98

Chrome 98 is the current beta version of Chrome, and includes COLRv1, an evolution of the COLRv0 font format intended to make color fonts widespread by adding gradients, compositing and blending.

Cascade Layers

Cascade Layers are in Chrome Canary and Firefox Nightly, Una explains how this new feature works in this video.


Learn responsive design

The Learn Design course, written by Jeremy Keith, is now complete. It's a comprehensive overview of responsive design as it applies today.

Make Beautiful Gradients

A post explaining how CSS gradients are calculated, and how you can use this knowledge to make much prettier results.

Mondrian Art in CSS

Some fun examples from five different code artists.

Accessible heading structure

OK, so this is not CSS or layout, however it's such a good explainer of all things headings I really wanted to share it.