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Issue 101

Design systems, grid systems, awesome CSS and browser diversity

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 101

Last Friday I spoke at Patterns Day in Brighton. I managed to sneak a little bit of CSS Grid into my talk, however mostly I was introducing our Perch Pattern Library, developed for the Perch and Runway version 3 User Interface. You can find my slides here and audio of the talk - there will be an video on the way. Patterns Day was excellent, there was a hint that perhaps it may be back next year, so look out for that!

Next week I'll at An Event Apart DC. An Event Apart are sponsoring the email this week. Check out the discount in the ad. I'll be speaking at every An Event Apart this year and it would be great to say hello to any readers there.

CSS Layout News


You do not need a CSS Grid based Grid System

I'm seeing a bunch of "CSS Grid Grid Systems" flying about, the ones I've seen all take a step back, and instead of using grid try and turn it back into Flexbox by creating rows in markup.

Sticky headers (#1/3)

Part 1 of an excellent three-part series on Sticky Headers - also read part two and part three.

CSS is Awesome | CSS-Tricks

A fun little breakdown of the CSS is Awesome joke.


Because Browser Diversity Is Good For The Web – Samsung Internet Developers – Medium

A lovely article reminding us that browser diversity is good for the web. Having seen what happens when one browser gets a vast majority market share I don't want to go back there again. It is good to be reminded of that.

Why bother building a Web Layout Engine? |

On the subject of browser diversity, an explanation of why build your own layout engine rather than using an existing one.

Meet “Design Systems”, A New Smashing Book (Pre-Release) – Smashing Magazine

This is a book rather than a free resource however having heard Alla Kholmatova speak at Patterns Day last week I think it is a worthy inclusion if you want to approach design in a modular way.

If you want to hear Alla speak on this subject before buying the book, you can hear the audio of her talk from Patterns Day. I believe video will also be available soon.

Fixing fieldsets — That Emil is Emil Björklund

Thoughts on fixing fieldsets using display: contents.

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“There were takeaway points from every talk that are going to make my job easier.”—Chris Samoiloff,  UX Prototyping, IBM

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