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Issue 104

CSS Grid, display: contents and the perfect slider.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 104

I have been on vacation in the South of France - which is why I had time to write two blog posts in the last week. However it has been nice to be in the sunshine and to travel for reasons other than a conference for once! A week at home and I'll be heading back to France, to Paris and the CSS Working Group meeting. I hope fellow Northern Hemisphere dwellers are also having a good summer, and managing to get away from the screens into the sunshine while it lasts.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Why display: contents is not CSS Grid Layout subgrid

An explanation of the difference between display: contents and the proposed idea for CSS Grid subgrid.

Enhancing CSS Layout: From Floats To Flexbox To Grid – Smashing Magazine

A good walkthrough if how to enhance a layout to ensure a good - not identical - experience in all browsers.

Refer to the spec : background and motivation

The next article in my series walking through the CSS Grid specification, building the examples used in the "background and motivation" section of the spec.

Testing the accessibility of pattern libraries

I'm very keen on working within components and in pattern libraries. The approach has pretty much transformed the way I work over the last couple of years. This post gives some helpful steps for testing the accessibility of your components.

Designing The Perfect Slider – Smashing Magazine

Another long and detailed article from Vitaly, this time looking at how one might design the "perfect slider".


Adactio: Journal—Container queries

Thoughts on Container Queries and Houdini from Jeremy.

CSS Grid Layout Slideshow | Codrops

Be sure to check out the actual demo linked to this article, a really creative slideshow using Grid Layout and other CSS features.

Adactio: Journal—CSS

More wisdom from Jeremy,

"Using CSS at scale has a learning curve, just like any powerful technology. The way to deal with that is not to hammer the technology into a different shape, but to get to know it, understand it, and respect it."

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