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Issue 106

CSS WG news on Grid and Multicol, various browser updates, the history of Flash.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 106

I am back from the CSS Working Group in Paris, I made some notes about a couple of things you might find relevant, you can find the link in the news section of this email. I'm now back for 19 days of summer, before heading off for the start of the next conference season. No rest for this CSS nomad! You can find out where I am going/laugh at my schedule here.

The summer tends to get a bit quieter for interesting articles and news as folk head off on summer vacations. If you do write or find something interesting - let me know. You can always reply to the email, or find me on Twitter where I tweet about CSS and other things too.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Changes to the Grid Spec and taking on Multi-Column layout

Some notes from the CSS Working Group meeting. The grid-gap properties are changing to become generic gap, column-gap and row-gap properties, which can then be used in other specifications where they make sense - including Flexbox.

In other news, I've become co-editor of the Multi-column Layout spec. Both things are explained in more detail in the post.

Chrome Platform Status

Chrome Status now has a schedule page so you can see what is coming up in releases of Chrome.

Preview Virtual Machines now include EdgeHTML 16.16257

The updated build now available to download as a VM, has Grid enabled by default. If you want to test your grid layouts on the new Edge implementation and don't have a Windows machine with Insider Preview installed, this is a great way to do it.

Come to my CSS workshop at FITC Toronto!

A little plug for my workshop in Toronto this September, I'll be teaching CSS Layout for a full day in addition to speaking at the event. Use the code SPEAKER for 20% off tickets to the conference and workshop.


Intersection Observer comes to Firefox ★ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

An explanation of Intersection Observer, which comes to Firefox 55 this week.

CSS: Current, Soon, Someday (Web Directions Code 2017) // Speaker Deck

Slides from Charlotte Jackson, on a bunch of new features that are part of CSS.


Flash And Its History On The Web - The History of the Web

I am enjoying the posts on this site, and am glad this stuff is being documented. As we wave goodbye to Flash here is a detailed essay on the history of the technology.

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