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Issue 110

From somewhere between Croatia, Poland and Sweden some CSS Grid tutorials, and news of Edge with updated Grid release date.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 110

I am still trekking around the world with what my husband refers to as my "Little Boxes Roadshow". A few days ago I closed Web Summer Camp in Rovinj with a keynote talk entitled "Knowing it all". Thinking about how there seems to be a never-ending stream of stuff we need to learn, how do we deal with that? The slides are here.

Yesterday I gave a fairly technical layout talk at the Google Developer Experts Summit in Krakow. Slides and resources for that talk are here. Next stop for me is NordicJS, where I'll be giving a new layout talk on Friday this week. It's all go! Say hello if you see me, I usually look like I'm on a mission but can be diverted by friendly chatter!

Thanks once again to An Event Apart for sponsoring this week! Check out their ad in the footer for a discount code, I'd love to see you at an upcoming An Event Apart.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

CSS Grid ships (in a customer release) in Microsoft Edge on Oct 17

Greg Whitworth on Twitter letting us know that the release date for the release of Edge with CSS Grid, position: stick, object-fit, object-position and more, will be October 17th. Looking forward to that!


Flywheel | How to combine Flexbox and CSS grids for efficient layouts

A Flexbox and Grid tutorial, building up a complete layout.

The Best Way to Implement a "Wrapper" in CSS | CSS-Tricks

Discussion on how best to implement a "wrapper" or container for your content. I realise I mostly just do what I've always done, so it is interesting to think about the options.

Here's a Super Quick Way to Try out CSS Grid | Jen Simmons

From Jen Simmons, a quick rundown of how to try CSS Grid if you haven't done so before.

Building Skeleton Screens with CSS Custom Properties | CSS-Tricks

A fun tutorial which covers another use for CSS Custom Properties.


Chromium Blog: Run multiple versions of Chrome side-by-side

Useful if, like me, you end up testing shiny new things in the latest builds of browsers.

Grid Experiment No. 1

A nice experiment by Jules Forrest based on replicating a print layout.

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