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Issue 117

Grid now in Edge, the story of Grid Layout, and a new role for me at Smashing Magazine.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 117

I am very briefly at home before a trip to speak at View Source in London, and then on to San Francisco for An Event Apart then TPAC and the CSS Working Group meeting.

My news today is that I'm joining the lovely team at Smashing Magazine as the new Editor in Chief. I'm very excited about having the chance to help shape the magazine, and to spend more time with the Smashing crew, who are such fun and so enthusiastic about providing great, useful content.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

What’s New in Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Last week Grid Layout shipped in EdgeHTML 16. This means that we now have Grid Layout enabled in all of the main desktop browsers.

Mozilla brings Microsoft, Google, the W3C, Samsung together to create cross-browser documentation on MDN - The Mozilla Blog

MDN is my go to place when I need to look up some web documentation. I've also contributed articles to the CSS Grid section of the documentation. I was therefore really happy with the news that the major browser vendors are working together to make it the place for cross browsers documentation.


The New CSS Layout, An Excerpt · An A List Apart Article

I've had some lovely feedback on my latest book so far, and today an excerpt has been published on A List Apart detailing some of the basic concepts of Grid Layout.

Breaking down CSS Box Shadow vs. Drop Shadow | CSS-Tricks

A short yet detailed exploration of the differences between the CSS Filters drop-shadow and the box-shadow property.

A video of Chris Wright's talk at Front Trends this year.

"In this talk, we’ll discover the possibilities these features create. We’ll explore the ResizeObserver and the first steps toward the Container Query, creating smarter components with Flexbox, managing complex layout with Grid, and using CSS Variables to help us simplify managing the layout."


The Story of CSS Grid, from Its Creators · An A List Apart Article

I'm quoted in this story of how CSS Grid Layout came to be. It's an interesting - and lengthy - history. CSS doesn't ever happen quickly.

CodePen - Isometric CSS Grid experiment in three planes

Here is a really fun CodePen experiment from Andy Barefoot who has been creating a few neat Grid experiments.

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