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Issue 120

Firefox Quantum release day! An online discussion between browsers, aspect-media queries, viewports.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 120

I am back in the UK for an entire month. Just one event left in 2017 - An Event Apart in Denver. It is great to be back at my desk, not having to do everything on a tiny laptop screen, although it does appear to have become winter in the UK during my absence.

Plenty here to keep fellow Northern Hemisphere dwellers occupied during the cold, dark nights. Plus a shout-out to everyone at Mozilla as they release Quantum today.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

2x faster and 30% less memory | Firefox Quantum Browser

Today is Firefox Quantum launch day. Having been using Nightly and Developer Edition I can confirm that the new Firefox is indeed fast. To read more about Quantum read Entering the Quantum Era—How Firefox got fast again and where it’s going to get faster.

This Dot: Leading the advancement of modern web technologies

Later today I'll be part of an online discussion between representatives from various browser vendors - plus me (not from a browser vendor). It should be fun, if you are quick you can sign up to watch the livestream.

Rachel Andrew — The New CSS Layout Technologies

I was on the Non Breaking Space Show, talking about CSS Layout and my new book.

CSS Survey Roundup

An initial roundup of some of the results of my recent CSS Survey.


Right-To-Left Development In Mobile Design – Smashing Magazine

A list of tips to help with developing applications for a market that uses a right-to-left language such as Arabic.

Practical uses for the aspect-ratio media query

Another excellent article from Chen Hui Jing,

"Designing layouts on the web requires interpolative thinking, on multiple levels. Web layouts can and most probably should morph as the viewport size changes. Our job is to make sure the layout is most effective in the space it has to perform in."

Viewports - Peter-Paul Koch

A set of slides about Viewports, from a presentation given at DevReach. They are pretty useful even without seeing the presentation if you want to understand more about the viewport and responsive design.


Feature Request for Firefox Grid Inspector: Source Order | Adrian Roselli

An excellent feature request for the already excellent Firefox Grid Inspector.

Using SVG as placeholders — More Image Loading Techniques

A very neat technique using SVG as a placeholder. A nice idea if you find yourself needing to load large images.

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