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Issue 125

The future of Media Queries, Grid in Production, and a CSS Grid Christmas tree.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read


Issue 125

I've been under the weather since returning from Denver, which made for a great chance to curl up on the sofa and watch a few videos. I've included some of those this week. Two short videos from dotCSS and a recorded Hangout on Web Typography and Layout.

Happy Christmas to those who celebrate!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Media Queries 4 - Florian Rivoal at dotCSS 2017

"One of the key tool for responsive design is getting smarter. Florian gives us a quick look at what we have, which part of the original design turned out to be a bad idea, what we're doing instead, and how to best use it all."

Getting Hardboiled with CSS Custom Properties ◆ 24 ways

Andy Clarke explains how to use CSS Custom Properties while supporting browsers that don't support custom properties.

CSS Flexible Box Layout - CSS | MDN

I've finished the work I've been doing documenting Flexbox for MDN. There are eight guides covering various aspects of the specification in addition to glossary entries.

CSS Grid in Production - Benjamin De Cock at dotCSS 2017

Benjamin talks about using Grid Layout in production at Stripe.


Web Typography & Layout: Past, Present, and Future · An A List Apart Events

A conversation between Jen Simmons, Roger Black and Jeffrey Zeldman on the past, present and future of web typography and layout.

Merry Gridmas!

A CSS Grid Christmas tree. I love the fact you can see the tree in the grid-template-areas value.

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“There were takeaway points from every talk that are going to make my job easier.”—Chris Samoiloff,  UX Prototyping, IBM

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