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Issue 126

A post-Christmas issue. With a question from the CSS WG, grids, CSS Counters, and tables.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 126

A smaller issue than usual this week, but it is the day after Christmas. I still have a few interesting links for you to browse, including an article I wrote to help encourage feedback on an interoperability issue. Have a look at the post on vertical percentage margins and padding. If you have suggestions or use cases the CSS Working Group would love to know about them.

Next week will be the first CSS Layout News of 2018! Until then, if you are taking some time off right now - enjoy!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

How should we resolve percentage margins and padding on grid and flex items?

The CSS Working Group would like your opinion on a longstanding issue in both the CSS Grid Layout and Flexbox specifications. This relates to vertical percentage margins and padding.


Building Better UI Designs With Layout Grids — Smashing Magazine

An article explaining the history behind grid based design and how you might approach using grid theory in your designs today.

Using CSS Counters - Pine

A post about CSS Counters, something I use a lot when writing CSS for print output via Prince and never think about the rest of the time.

Designing Tables for Reusability – – UX Design Collective

As this article points out "tables are hard". Some thoughts and lots of examples on how to design tables with an emphasis on creating reusable components.


Design Principles

"The aim of the site is to help us analyse what good Design Principles are. How Design Principles are created and measured. How they develop. Design Principles should be improved over time, how can we build a history of Design Principles and their improvements?"

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