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Issue 128

Performance and accessibility are a big theme this week

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 128

It feels as if we are well into 2018 now, and given the amount of email that seems to be arriving everyone is back at work. This week I have links on performance and accessibility subjects, including the huge guide to Performance we published over at Smashing Magazine.

I am working on upcoming talks and articles. I'd love to know what else you are all interested in knowing about layout. I review lots of articles for inclusion here, and it feels as if I see the same few techniques explained over and over again. That's not necessarily a bad thing - sometimes seeing a different take on something is what you need to learn it. However I'd love to start seeing more case studies of new layout in production, or more creative design that takes advantage of all the things we gained in 2017.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


New flexbox guides on MDN – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

I finished my work on the Flexbox guides for MDN, and wrote this post wrapping up that work. I hope you find these guides useful.

Improving the Accessibility of 24 ways | CSS-Tricks

Paul Robert Lloyd writes about improving the accessibility of an existing site. Not really layout but included because I think this iterative approach is important. Most of us don't work on brand new things all of the time, we're slowly improving old things. Whether we are adding a CSS Grid component to a site that used a floated layout, or making small improvements to accessibility, there is always something we can do to make things better.

Front-End Performance Checklist 2018 [PDF, Apple Pages] — Smashing Magazine

An amazingly detailed article from Vitaly Friedman over at Smashing Magazine. The Front-End Performance Checklist contains pretty much everything you might need to know to make your site fast.

Don't be overwhelmed - it probably won't all apply to you! However it's worth looking down the list and seeing what small improvements you can make.

Disposition des boîtes flexibles CSS - CSS | MDN

My guides to Flexbox have been translated into French, for the French version of MDN.

Media objects with fit-content

A tiny demo I posted to Twitter and people seem to like. Using fit-content to make more flexible components.


The Future Belongs to CSS

"Made with love, CSS Grid, A little flexbox, Sass, and position: sticky"

Web GDE Deck

Paul Kinlan made this, which is a handy way to keep up with what all your favourite Web GDEs are up to, but also uses CSS Grid.

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