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Issue 13

Progressively enhanced flexbox, angled edges, snap points and I'm off to San Francisco

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 13

I'm about to head to San Francisco to speak about CSS Grid Layout at An Event Apart. If you will be there be sure to come and say hello. There will be speaker tables at lunchtime so you can find me for a chat, but you don't need a special table with my name on it to come talk to me. I'll be around for the whole event so come chat about layout ... or anything else!

Rachel Andrew - CSS Layout News

Responsively Retrofitting: Responsive Web Design Makeovers by Christopher Schmitt — Kickstarter

A Kickstarter from Christopher Schmitt, a book which will help you convert a legacy site into a mobile friendly responsive one.


5 Things You Might Not Know About the CSS Positioning Types | Scotch

An article sent to me by a reader with some snippets of information that you might not know when using the values of position in CSS.

CSS Scroll Snap Points

CSS Scroll Snap Points will give us a method of snapping to a point in the content when scrolling, here is an introduction. I also spotted a polyfill which might be worth looking at if you are keen to start using this now.

Applying Flexbox to the Video Player

Laura Kalbag writes about using Flexbox in a progressively enhanced way for a video player.


If you need inspiration for Navigation design this site should keep you busy for a while! 90+ Responsive Navigation Bar Menu Tutorials, Examples, and Demos (CSS, jQuery, JavaScript)

Angled Edges with CSS Masks and Transforms | Viget

How to create angled edges in your designs.

If you write up some technique you have used, let me know so I can include it as these little posts are useful to help other people think about different ways of using CSS to create interesting design touches.

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