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Issue 142

Grid Grid Grid ... and floats?

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 142

I'm a little delayed sending this out today as I have just come offstage at Smashing Conf San Francisco where I was speaking about Grid, Sizing and Alignment. You can find the slides here, a video should be available at some point.

Last week I was in Berlin for the CSS Working Group meeting, where I became co-editor of the Page Floats specification. Also notable were resolutions for various multicol issues, and something that I know many readers are interested in, progress on Grid Level 2 and the subgrid feature.

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Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

CSS Layout API Level 1

The First Public Working Draft of the Houdini CSS Layout API has been published.

[css-grid-1][css-grid-2] Basic support for "equal gutter" with justify-content on grid items · Issue #1116 · w3c/csswg-drafts

In addition to Subgrid, the other feature proposed for Grid Level 2 is an aspect ratio unit for gutters allowing equal sized gutters in both dimensions. This raises some questions, have a look at the example here and see if you have any use cases or feedback.


Best Practices With CSS Grid Layout — Smashing Magazine

Another article from me on Smashing Magazine, as I keep being asked what the best practices are for using CSS Grid. It's really a little early to say, but here are some things that I have noticed.

Editorial Design and CSS Grid: Inspiration and examples • Silo Creativo

A nice article about reproducing editorial style design using CSS Grid Layout.

How browsers position floats – Monica Dinculescu

A nice explanation and demo of how the float positioning algorithm works. I am a fan of small demos that explain bits of CSS that seem mysterious.


Getting rid of "grid-" prefix on CSS Grid Layout gutter properties - Rego's Everyday Life

Manuel Rego Casasnovas, who works at Igalia on the Chrome CSS Grid implementation, writes about unprefixing the gutter properties.

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