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Issue 143

CSS Grid, display: contents, viewport units and page transitions

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 143

I'm back from Smashing Conference in San Francisco where there were several talks of interest to readers of this email - videos are being produced and I'll link to them as soon as they are out. This week we have a bumper set of links with CSS Grid, display: contents, viewport units and much more. I'm in the UK for the next two weeks, then I head back to the USA for Google I/O.

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Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Responsive Design Mode: New designs in the works - input wanted - Developer Tools - Mozilla Discourse

The Firefox DevTools team would love some feedback on Responsive Design Mode. Take a look at this post and comment.

What's New In DevTools (Chrome 67)  |  Web  |  Google Developers

Details of what is in DevTools for Chrome 67, including CSS Variable Value Previews in the Styles Pane.

Introducing the Accessibility Inspector in the Firefox Developer Tools – Marco's Accessibility Blog

Firefox Nightly now has the new accessibility inspector to help you check how accessible your pages are. This article introduces it.


Art Directing the Web and CSS Grid with Rachel Andrew | Unfinished Business

I had a conversation with Andy Clarke about CSS Grid and where new creativity in web design might come from.

Designing for A Viewport - YouTube

The web is a medium that has a viewport. Jen Simmons explains what it is to truly be designing for the web — a medium that reveals the page slowly, from inside a viewport frame.

A Look at CSS Viewport Units ←

A tutorial explaining CSS Viewport Units.

More accessible markup with display: contents

Hidde de Vries writes about display: contents sharing my hope that it will encourage people to write better markup, removing semantic elements from the display only. Hidde also notes that currently browsers are failing to recognise display: contents as a visual thing only and links to the browser bugs for this problem.

Native-Like Animations for Page Transitions on the Web | CSS-Tricks

An article showing how to create the kind of page transitions you might see in a mobile app, using Vue and Nuxt.

How to use CSS grid today in the real world - YouTube

A talk recorded at CSSConf Australia, Brenda Storer demonstrates how she is using CSS Grid, and supporting older browsers too.


Some examples of using Flexbox as a fallback for CSS Grid from Una Kravets.

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