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Issue 144

EdgeHTML updates, subgrid, Houdini, and Intrinsic Web Design

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 144

Yesterday I was at the very excellent All Day Hey conference in Leeds - my slides and resources can be found here. Next week I'm heading back to the USA for Google I/O. Come and say hello if you are there and spot me. I have a grumpy British face and am usually peering at my laptop or phone in some form of disbelief, but always far happier to have a chat than I might appear!

I have some empty sponsorship slots coming up, over 8000 people get this email so if you have a product or service of interested to frontend developers your support would be appreciated.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

What's new in EdgeHTML 17 - Microsoft Edge Development | Microsoft Docs

Experimental support for CSS Masking with CSS mask-image and mask-size properties and full support for Variable Fonts are two of the features that are likely to interest readers in EdgeHTML 17.


Grid Level 2 and Subgrid

At the last CSS Working Group meeting decisions were made on the approach to take for Grid Layout subgrid, I wrote a post to explain.

Radial Gradient Recipes | CSS-Tricks

A set of radial gradient examples from Chris Coyier on CSS Tricks.

Sam Richard - Magic tricks with Houdini - YouTube

I am pretty excited about the possibilities of Houdini, in particular as a way to let people prototype layout methods. In this talk Sam Richard explains what Houdini is, and some of the things you can do with it.

CSS Shapes - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

I've been working on updated documentation and Guides for MDN, in the past month I've completed the docs for CSS Shapes.

(18) Julie Grundy - Can you see that OK? CSS tips for low-vision accessibility - YouTube

In this video from CSSConf Australia, Julie Grundy shares advice to help you make your site more accessible for people with low vision, reminding us that accessibility is more than screen reader users.

A Guide To The State Of Print Stylesheets In 2018 — Smashing Magazine

I wrote about print stylesheets for Smashing Magazine, including a big chunk of information about the sorry state of fragmentation interoperability.


The Illusion of Control in Web Design · An A List Apart Article

"We don’t have the luxury of traveling to our users’ homes and offices to determine if and when a browser plugin is hobbling our creations. Instead, the best defense against the unknowns of the browsing environment is to always design our sites with a universally usable baseline."

5by5 | The Big Web Show #176: Intrinsic Web Design with Jen Simmons

Jen Simmons talks to Jeffrey Zeldman about the concept of Intrinsic Web Design and designing with the viewport in mind.

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