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Issue 146

Google I/O news, Custom Properties, Firefox 60 and line breaking.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 146

I had fun at Google I/O last week, and I'm now in New York about to record a class for Skillshare. Looking forward to a couple of weeks at home after this! You can find my Google I/O writeup on Smashing Magazine, where I tried to cover the developer news.

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Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Firefox 60 for developers - Mozilla | MDN

Notes on the Firefox 60 release for developers, updating Box Alignment values to match changes in the spec and also adding more features to DevTools for CSS.


A Strategy Guide To CSS Custom Properties — Smashing Magazine

An in-depth piece on using CSS Custom Properties (or variables).

Page Transitions for Everyone | CSS-Tricks

How to create more native-like page transitions, why you might want to, potential pitfalls and workarounds and a package to help get you started.

Having problems with really long words breaking out of their container? You are not alone. Chris has a look at some potential solutions.


The Front-End Tooling Survey 2018 - Results

An interesting survey on the tools front-end developers are using, including naming conventions and methodologies.

Unicode Patterns

Background patterns with unicode in CSS.

Contributing To MDN Web Docs — Smashing Magazine

I do a fair bit of writing for MDN Web Docs, and the strength of MDN is that it is contributed to by the community. There are lots of ways to help out, and I detail many of those in this article.

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