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Issue 147

Browser news, SVG pointer events, the backdrop-filter property and progressive enhancement.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 147

I am back in the UK for a couple of weeks. Next up for me is in Hong Kong, I'll be speaking and also running a full day workshop.

This week we have browser news from Chrome and Firefox, SVG pointer events, the backdrop-filter property and progressive enhancement.

Thanks to Smashing Conf for sponsoring this week. I'm speaking in Toronto at this "no slides allowed" event, perhaps I'll see you there!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Good news about a fix for the accessibility issue with display: contents in Firefox

"Good news of the day: The latest @FirefoxNightly build has a fix for display:contents accidentally nuking the accessible role and affecting its children in the process. Thanks to @hdv for filing! Firefox 62 will be out in August and contain this fix."

New in Firefox 61: Developer Edition – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

All the details of what is new in Firefox 61: Developer Edition. Includes performance improvements for CSS, the new Accessibility Inspector and improvements to DevTools.

Intent to Ship: CSS Scroll Snap - Google Groups

The Intent to Ship for CSS Scroll Snap in Chrome, with details of a phased implementation.


Managing SVG Interaction With The Pointer Events Property

Tiffany B. Brown takes a look at how to shape the interactivity of SVG images, controlling which parts of the document can receive clicks, touches, or taps — using the pointer-events property.

The backdrop-filter CSS property | CSS-Tricks

An explanation of the CSS backdrop-filter property.


The Slow Death of Internet Explorer and the Future of Progressive Enhancement

As I talk about new layout I often answer questions from people worried that they can't use any of these techniques because old browsers - usually meaning old versions of IE - exist. This article argues for the similar middle ground approach that I recommend. Taking advantage of new features while still providing a good experience to those locked onto older browsers.

Web performance made easy (Google I/O '18)

A useful talk from Google I/O showing how to use Lighthouse and DevTools to fix performance problems.

Our Sponsor

SmashingConf Toronto (June 26-27)

SmashingConf Toronto (June 26-27)

What would be the best way to learn and improve your skills? By looking designers and developers over their shoulder! At SmashingConf Toronto taking place on June 26–27, they will exactly do that. All talks will be about running live coding and design sessions on stage, showing how speakers such as Dan Mall and Lea Verou, yours truly, and Sarah Soueidan design and build stuff — including pattern libraries setup, design workflows and shortcuts, debugging, naming conventions, and everything in between.