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Issue 149

CSS Grid, webpages on the Apple Watch and subgrid with Houdini

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 149

Hello from an airport hotel in Frankfurt, where I am en route to Hong Kong for I spent last week very much engaged in FOMO due to CSSConf EU happening, I am looking forward to seeing the videos once they are available and will share anything relevant here. There are lots of conferences happening at the moment, which makes for some great material to share.

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CSS Layout News

View webpages on the Apple Watch

Announced in the keynote yesterday was the news that the Apple Watch is getting Webkit support, although I've not seen much additional information at the time of putting this email together.


The web is ready for great graphic design

Hidde de Vries spoke at Frontend United about how great graphic design is coming to the web, made possible by CSS Grid.

Making Avengers ID Card In HTML And CSS — Smashing Magazine

A fun article with a little project to create that teaches you along the way various CSS properties including Flexbox.

Don't Use My Grid System (or any others)

There are so many conferences happening right now there are videos a-plenty to include. Here is a video and slides from a talk by Miriam Suzanne - who created the Grid system Suzy - explaining how layout has changed.


a subgrid implementation with Houdini

While browsers and the CSS Working Group are working on implementations and the spec for the subgrid feature of CSS Grid Layout, François Remy has used Houdini to implement a polyfill of the feature. If you have Chrome Canary with Experimental Web Platform features enabled you can take a look at the demo.

The Cult of the Complex · An A List Apart Article

Jeffrey Zeldman writes about the increasing complexity of web development. I think it is always good to take a step back and remember that to build and deploy a website you still only need a text editor and some method of transferring it to a webserver. You can solve big problems with HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript. Tools are not bad, they can serve us and our customers well, as long as they are being used mindfully and to solve the problems that we actually have.

Scantron Answer Sheet (CSS grid demo)

This is very cool, and makes me long for Grid support in print User Agents like Prince.

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