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Issue 15

My new course, a book giveaway and lots of flexbox.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 15

I was technical reviewer on the book CSS Master by Tiffany B. Brown. SitePoint have very kindly given me three copies of the book to give away to readers of this email. To be in with a chance of winning reply to this email before Monday 16th November and either:

  1. Tell me the one thing you find hardest about CSS Layout.
  2. Share a link to a book, tutorial, CodePen example etc. that you think would be helpful to other readers.

I'll randomly select three email addresses before sending the newsletter next week - and send those to SitePoint so they can sort out delivering the books!

In other news I've a small announcement to make. Later this year I'll be launching my Learn CSS Layout online course. I'm building a separate list of people who want updates about the course so you can read all the details and sign up on my site.

CSS Layout News

CSS WG seeking feedback on Grid and Flexbox Alignment

There is a lot that is consistent between Grid and Flexbox, which should make it easier for all of us. Fantasai, who is an editor on both of these specs is seeking feedback on one area in which the behaviour might differ.

See the original email and also the note in the Minutes under Default Alignment of Grid Tracks. This only applies to auto sized Grid tracks and so is likely to be most obvious when comparing flex layout to layout making using of Grid auto-fill.

If you can come up with a use case demonstrating why the lack of consistency might be problematic the Working Group would be interested to know.

CSS Layout News


Flexbox For Interfaces All The Way: Tracks Case Study – Smashing Magazine

Great to see a detailed post about the use of Flexbox for user interface design.

A Primer on Using Flexbox with Compass

If you use Compass here is a tutorial explaining how to use it with Flexbox.


From Pages to Patterns: An Exercise for Everyone · An A List Apart Article

An interesting way to approach layout by moving away from thinking about "pages" to thinking about patterns and components. One of my tasks in the next few weeks is to update the layout of the Perch UI to use more a modern modern CSS approach and also to ensure consistency across the UI. I think this might be an interesting way to approach that task.

Curated list of flexbox resources

Lots of useful stuff in this GitHub list of resources.

Background Image Shapes | CSS-Tricks

I love these posts that detail the process of working out the best way to achieve a non-standard design. Find out how Joe Markevicius implemented a design for the acclaimed Britain on Film website.

Our Sponsor

Learn CSS Layout - an online course with Rachel Andrew

Does your approach to creating a layout consist of changing a value, refreshing, and hoping that it will work? Are margins collapsing, floats not clearing, are you left with CSS that you are a little bit afraid to edit in case it all falls apart?

If so you will love my new online workshop. I'll teach you up to date skills and approaches to make sure your days of baffling CSS issues are over for good!