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Issue 152

Firefox 61 is out with a whole bunch of updates and bugfixes for layout.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 152

Today Firefox 61 becomes the current Firefox release, and with it a bunch of updates and bugfixes as well as new developer tools.

I'm writing this at An Event Apart, yesterday I gave my talk Graduating to Grid (slides are linked below) and today I'm going to be on a panel chatting with Jeremy Keith about working with Grid Layout. From there to the airport and Smashing Conf in Toronto! June is busy for the traveling CSS Grid roadshow.

Today the newsletter is sponsored by Notist. Notist is my product and in reality, most of the things I do around CSS are "sponsored" by the fact my business has products. However, Notist is our new thing. If you speak at conferences and workshops and want to create a speaker portfolio to make promoting and sharing your work easier - check it out.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Firefox 61 for developers - Mozilla | MDN

Firefox 61 is released today with a whole host of additions and fixes for layout, including the unprefixing of the *-gap features.


Accessibility inspector - Firefox Developer Tools | MDN

From Firefox 61 you can use the Accessibility Inspector to help make your sites more accessible. Details of how to use the Inspector are on MDN.

Graduating to Grid

My slides and resources from An Event Apart yesterday.

Centering: The Newest Coolest Way vs. The Oldest Coolest Way | CSS-Tricks

I'm glad that we can now centre things without needing to pretend they are tables!

Don’t Use The Placeholder Attribute — Smashing Magazine

Not totally layout related, but I think an important read. Why you shouldn't use the placeholder attribute.

Layout Land - YouTube

I've linked to many of these individually before, but I was reminded during Jen's talk yesterday of just how many Layout Land videos she has produced. Check them out here.


CodePenChallenge: Figure & Figcaption Roundup - CodePen Blog

I like these CodePen challenges. This post rounds up the figure and figcaption pens.

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