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Issue 153

CSS Logical Properties coming to Chrome, Grid Level 2, the ch unit.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 154

I'm a little late sending this out this week as I'm in Australia - where it is actually early morning Wednesday as I write this intro. I'm here for the CSS Working Group meeting. Timezones are strange!

A few interesting bits this week, I'm really pleased to see that Logical Properties are on their way into Chrome, and I've also published a bit of an intro to subgrid as it currently stands in the Level 2 of the grid spec.

Next week I'll be back in the UK, with a little break from the hectic travel of the last few months!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

CSS logical flow relative margins, paddings and borders - Chrome Platform Status

Logical Properties are in the process of being implemented in Chrome, these are already usable in Firefox. Linked in the Chrome Status is an article I published on Smashing about Logical Properties and values which contains a bunch of demos that currently work in Firefox but will hopefully soon be working in Chrome.


CSS Grid Level 2: Here Comes Subgrid — Smashing Magazine

There has been a lot of activity recently on Level 2 of the Grid Layout spec, so I wrote an article explaining what the spec covers so far. None of this is available in browsers yet, and may well change!

What is the CSS ‘ch’ Unit? – Eric’s Archived Thoughts

Eric explains what the ch unit actually is. I use it quite a bit and in practice find that most of the time you don't really care if the content is exactly x characters wide, as with most things on the web it's kind of best to assume most things are a suggestion.

Fitting Text to a Container | CSS-Tricks

A rundown of ways to fit text into a container on CSS Tricks.

Sticky elements: functionality and accessibility testing - Technology at GDS

A great look at sticky elements and whether or not they are a good idea to use in various contexts. It doesn't come up with a perfect solution, but the interesting thing here for me is the thinking through the solution rather than just implementing it.

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