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Issue 155

Creating standards, CSS Grid, and old browsers.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 155

I am writing the introduction of this issue from a coffee shop in Edinburgh, here for ScotlandCSS. Today, my course Get Started with CSS Grid for Skillshare goes live. If you want to take this online course, or know someone who is keen to start learning Grid who might benefit, you can take the course if you sign up for a free two-month trial subscription.

Lots of Grid related things this week, including thoughts on those old browsers that are always with us!

Till next time,

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Eric Meyer | The Friction of Web Standards | CSS Day 2018 in CSS Day on Vimeo

If you have ever wondered why creating new CSS takes such a long time, this talk from Eric Meyer explains the rabbit hole the CSS Working Group has to head down for something which seems very simple at first.

Adactio: Journal—CSS grid in Internet Explorer 11

Jeremy writes about one of the discussions we had in our panel at An Event Apart. And while I think there are some cases where doing something special for IE10 and 11 might be useful, in the vast majority you are doing far more work than you need to by doing a fallback for IE plus one for non-grid supporting and not IE. Worse, I can see people deciding that IE is the only worthwhile fallback and not testing in those other non-supporting browsers. The next post in the email contains some more thoughts of mine on the subject.

Should I try to use the IE version of Grid Layout? Revisited for 2018

Adding to Jeremy's thoughts after our panel at An Event Apart and the idea that people might create two sets of fallbacks - one for IE10 and 11 and another for non-Grid, non-IE browsers.

CSS Multi-column Layout - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

I'm still working on fully documenting CSS Layout over at MDN. This latest set of guides covers Multiple-column Layout.

9 Biggest Mistakes with CSS Grid - YouTube

Jen Simmons explains some of the mistakes she sees people making when using CSS Grid.

How to build complicated grids using CSS Grid

A nice article - I would be interested to know why Dan chose not to use the fr unit and went for calculating percentages, and also the choice of the longhand placement properties.


Scrolling Gradient

A rather nice gradient background which changes as you scroll.

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Get Started With CSS Grid on Skillshare

I have a new online Skillshare class all about CSS Grid! In this one-hour class we will build a blog layout using CSS Grid. Along the way you'll get a great overview of how CSS Grid works. You can take the course for free by signing up for a two month trial.