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Issue 157

CSS Exclusions, Logical Styling and Sizes.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read


Issue 157

I'm at An Event Apart this week, talking about CSS Layout. While I'm still busy it seems as if life has slowed down a little with so many people on summer vacations, and taking time out. There are still some great things being published around layout however that I've been able to find for this week.

If you are enjoying a vacation right now or soon, have a great one!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


CSS exclusions with Queen Bey

I would really love to see CSS Exclusions implemented, so am very glad to see someone else write about the spec. Lovely post about how we get new CSS, and featuring the possibilities of Exclusions.

Graduating to Grid

My slides, resources and code for the presentation I gave yesterday at An Event Apart in DC.

Solved with CSS! Logical Styling Based on the Number of Given Elements | CSS-Tricks

Una writes about logical styling with CSS, for example doing different things based on how many items there are.

How We Adopted CSS Grid at Scale | Julian Gaviria — Web Designer

A post about adopting CSS, with some example Sass mixins. I'd love to see more case studies about using new CSS - if you write one, let me know!

Sometimes `sizes` is quite important. | CSS-Tricks

A post about what and how to use the sizes attribute for responsive images.

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With new lessons and updates for 2018, I've distilled my knowledge about CSS Layout into this training course. This course has something for you if you are new to CSS, have been using frameworks for a while and want to understand how they work, or have been doing this for a while but want to understand the newer layout methods. The course includes video tutorials, text explanations and all the starting points to follow along.

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