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Issue 164

Sizing in flexbox, box alignment, Grid layout percentages.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 164

I am writing this introduction from the back row of the W3C Workshop on Digital Publication Layout and Presentation from Manga to Magazines, in Tokyo. I'm speaking tomorrow on CSS Layout. These emails will be coming from a variety of places as I make my way through conference season. Come and say hello if you are at any of the events I am speaking at.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Flexbox: How Big Is That Flexible Box? — Smashing Magazine

Part 3 of my series of articles digging into the detail of the Flexbox specification. This time I take a look at Sizing.

The Importance Of Manual Accessibility Testing — Smashing Magazine

A post that I was very happy to publish over at Smashing Magazine. While this isn't strictly about layout, reminding ourselves that automated accessibility checks can't do everything for us, is important.

Aspect Ratio Media Elements and intrinsicsize | CSS-Tricks

Chris writes about the intrinsicsize attribute for all image types - including SVG - and video.

Video - Unlocking the Power of CSS Grid Layout

The video has now been published for my talk at Scotland CSS, re-linking this page as it now includes my slides, resources, code and a video of the talk. Covering alignment, sizing and more.

Chen Hui Jing | Box Alignment | CSS Day 2018 in CSS Day on Vimeo

A talk on Box Alignment recorded at this year.

Changes on CSS Grid Layout in percentages and indefinite height - Rego's Everyday Life

A detailed post on percentage sizing in CSS, linked to the change in Chrome 70 for percentage tracks and gutters.

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