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Issue 169

Browser updates, shiny new CSS proposals, web typography, designing for the Apple Watch

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 169

I'm at W3C TPAC this week, at the CSS Working Group meeting for two days and then various other things of interest, and hopefully getting some time to work on my specs. I also presented at the W3C Developer Meetup last night, my slides are here.

In related news, last Friday Fronteers voted to become a W3C Member and to hire me as their representative. I'll write more on this soon, once all the details are sorted out, but I am very honoured that they have placed this trust in me, and I hope it will help to amplify the efforts I am already making.

Thank you to sponsor An Event Apart, the dates for 2019 are now available to book, and I'm speaking at every event next year. It would be great to see you there.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Firefox 63 for developers - Mozilla | MDN

Firefox 63 ships today and has a whole host of neat stuff for CSS Layout, including the first shipping implementation of gap, column-gap and row-gap in Flexbox.

[css-sizing-4][css-grid-2] Rename ar unit to tr. #3225 · w3c/csswg-drafts@0a5491f

Fresh from the CSS Working Group meeting that I am sat in while writing this, a renaming of the ar unit for grid tracks to tr (meaning transfer ratio). This is linked to a proposal for a more general aspect ratio unit in CSS, which is a subject I will write more about I'm sure!

What’s new in Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update - Microsoft Edge Dev BlogMicrosoft Edge Dev Blog

The EdgeHTML 18 update includes further progress on CSS Masking.


Rhythm in Web Typography | Better Web Type

A nice article based on a chapter from the book Better Web Typography for a Better Web by Matej Latin.

Creating a simple form with Flexbox | Zell Liew

An article on one of the use cases for flexbox, to create a simple one line form. · Developing websites for Apple Watch [Updated]

Some useful information for anyone designing websites for the Apple Watch.

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