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Issue 170

Discussion on CSS at the CSS Working Group meeting, a Photo Card component with Flexbox, dark mode in CSS

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


This intro comes to you from an aeroplane en route to Sydney for Web Directions. For the second time this year I am discovering just how far away Australia is! Looking forward to some sunshine and spending time with everyone there. If you are going to be there, be sure to come and say hello.

We're right in the middle of conference season, so there should be a good selection of talk videos and slide decks coming through in the next few weeks. This week I have some from View Source in London, an event I wish I could have got to, but I need to see my home occasionally!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

The CSS Working Group At TPAC: What’s New In CSS? — Smashing Magazine

After returning from TPAC last week, I wrote up some of the things that we discussed in the CSS Working Group meeting. This includes things still in discussion where your comments would be welcome.


View Source - Jen Simmons - Everything You Know About Web Design Just Changed - YouTube

From View Source conference last week, Jen Simmons with the talk she has been giving on Intrinsic Web Design.

Learn CSS Flexbox by building a photo card component

A Flexbox tutorial on building a photo card component by Ayo Isaiah.

Hui Jing Chen - Be like water: Applying Bruce Lee's philosophy to web design - YouTube

Also from View Source, a talk about how we need to be able to change with change to really make the best use of the medium of the web.

Using dark mode in CSS with MacOS Mojave

An explanation of how to use dark mode in CSS with prefers-color-scheme.

Concise Media Queries with CSS Grid

A tutorial on using grid-template-areas with Media Queries. I really like the way grid-template-areas helps you to see exactly what a component will look like at each breakpoint.

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